Alfonso IV (926-931)

Alfonso IV
Autor: Rodríguez de Losada, José María

Alfonso Ordóñez, Ordoño II’s second son, was crowned in León in February of 926. He reigned over the current provinces of León, Zamora, Asturias, Tierra de Campos, Castille and Álava. His brothers Sancho and Ramiro, who governed Galicia and Portugal respectively, recognized him as a superior king. In addition, Sancho passed away in 929, leaving no sons behind, meaning Alfonso IV obtained Galicia peacefully.

Oneca, Alfonso IV’s wife, passed away in 931, which provoked in him a deep state of depression. Completely devastated, he renounced the throne and handed the crown to his brother Ramiro. Alfonso became a monk in the Sahagún monastery, which is why he is known as “the Monk”. However, the following year he was convinced by his brother’s enemies to try and retrieve the throne. Alfonso and his supporters took the city of León, but Ramiro besieged the capital. Alfonso’s allies (especially Castilians), abandoned him, and he attempted to hide at a nunnery. He was discovered and arrested. To prevent Alfonso from reclaiming the throne, Ramiro ordered for him to be blinded and locked up at the Ruiforco de Torío monastery. Alfonso passed away in the summer of 933, leaving one son, Ordoño, who would reach the Leonese throne decades later with the name of Ordoño IV (958-960).