Fruela II (924-925)

Fruela II (924-925) Autor: Bonnat, Léon-Joseph

Even though the previous king, Ordoño II, had four sons, he was succeeded by his brother Fruela, second of his name in the Asturleonese Kingdom. He was around fifty years of age, and until that moment had governed Asturias and Cantabria. According to chronicles from the time, Fruela committed several murders, making him an unpopular king. This popular dislike increased after he persecuted his nephews (Ordoño II’s sons) to prevent them from reclaiming the throne. His reign only lasted one year, in which he didn’t conduct raids throughout Al-Ándalus, but also didn’t suffer any muslim attacks. Historians from the time depict that he passed away from natural causes, although more recent experts claim he died of leprosy: this is why he was sometimes called “The Leper”.

He had three sons, and was succeeded by the eldest, Alfonso Froilaz. But his brother Ordoño II’s sons objected, and so a civil war was inevitable.